About Helen's Handpuppets


Helen in creative mode



Rod playing with his big machines


Helens Hand puppets is an Australian owned and operated business that designs, manufactures and distributes hand puppets , puppet theatres, & a range of CREATIVE PLAY  Toys. 

Puppet making began as a hobby for Helen while a full time carer for Rod. When Rods health improved he decided that you cant have puppets without a puppet theatre. He found that they were much more fun to build than houses (and quicker too!) Thus the business was born.

We supply Families, Playgroups, Child Care Centres, Kinders, Schools,Universities, Speach Therapists all over Australia & overseas and we also sell at Craft Markets.


Our Philosohpy

  • To promote the benefits of imaginative, interactive play

  • To provide a happy, fun alternative to electronic gadgetry that uses creative power, not battery power

  • To provide a safe, user-friendly product.


  • Robust construction .Non-toxic finishes (suitable for asthmatics)

  • Plantation (non rainforest) Materials

  • Fully guaranteed against all manufacturing defects.

  • Manufactured to comply with Australian Standard 1647, Childrens Toy Safety Requirements

  • Great service

Helens Hand Puppet Theatres

ABN 12092625771

PO Box 90 Oakleigh Victoria Australia 3166

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